Fall 2019:          

Current Opportunities


IP Opportunity: Bra Patents

Company owns 11 patents for a very practical bra improvement. This firm looks to team with a larger store or brand. The addressable market for this bra improvement is at least $7 billion. A 1% royalty from 1% of this market would yield $700,000 a year in fees  

Well Known Lingerie Brand

Well known, profitable lingerie brand with sales of $1.7 million last year, and growing this year.  


Off Price Retail Chain

Profitable offprice retail chain, 2018 sales about $20 million, EBITDA $1 million. Contact us for more information and financial statements. 



Rising Lingerie Brand

This highly profitable and rapidly growing sexy lingerie brand seeks an investor to accelerate growth. Sales last year approached $12 million and is growing dramatically in 2019.

Private Label Bra Maker

Profitable private label bra maker, 2019 sales $13.5 million.  

Plus Size Bra Brand, Patents

Company has a unique patented bra cup, designed for plus size consumers.